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Index: Virtual Building Explorer (VBE)

CAA's 'fly-through' models enable clients, contractors and designers to quickly understand their projects in three dimensions, in detail. The Virtual Building Explorer's easy-to-modify settings permit quick user changes to elements' visibility, and other model aspects, such as flight speed, brightness, and sun angles. Click on pictures or links below to download .zip files of various projects (warning: files up to 30Mb).

To view a model after its download, simply unzip and double-click its '.exe' file. Press 'F3' for sunlight/shadows, and 'Esc' to access the settings menu re: angles of view, sunlight, brightness, etc. Also, try toggling 'Layers' (again, via the Settings menu) to block roofs, walls, trees or other features from view. Navigation is as easy as pressing 'up'/'down' etc. on the keyboard.

Stude VBE:

A LEED-Certified case study in energy efficiency and ecologically productive design, this steel-framed house has a huge roof (with 8' to 12' overhangs) to produce wind effects, and harvest rain water and solar energy (20.5Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]

Virgil VBE:

Ideal light conditions for making art via the studio's continuous clere-stories within a maximum-efficiency steel shell, with 5' to 8' roof overhangs and exposed steel structure (6.5Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]

Mayerling VBE:

253 Mayerling was designed for solar and rainwater harvesting, and thermal efficiency (R-54+). Includes 12'+ roof overhangs (24Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]

Buena Vista VBE:

A home for art collectors/naturalists, with a 5000 sf roof to enhance cooling breezes and inspire avian soaring; with pine-sheathed roof soffits, exposed steel structure, and a large terrace overlooking Marfa TX's best view (8.2Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]

Centenary VBE:

A low-slope roof unifies interior and exterior spaces as it magnifies breezes, rejects radiation, and harvests rain and sun power. Based on a special-purpose zoning variance, all structure and construction details are completely exposed - project delivery: November 2011 (28Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]

Brite Acres VBE:

Huge, airplane-like roofs move breezes through opposing masonry blocks sited in an expansive nursery of native plants configured as a terraced garden (7.9Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]

Bulverde VBE:

Overlapping roofs and landscaped terraces reinforce (pre-existing) wild game use of the land, enhance aerodynamic ground effects, and provide for solar and rain water harvesting. Huge roofs deflect South Texas' daunting sun while producing Venturi Effects between the adjoining house and studio (13.2Mb). [DOWNLOAD VBE]