Progress: CAT-5 Storm Defense House

The 'CATEGORY 5' is a new house type that provides a secure solution to the challenges of Houston's new climate. Its technology is much stronger and more durable than conventional construction, following the new rules dictated by 21st Century storms. The CAT-5 features:

1. 160 mph Wind Rating

2. Floor Elevation at Minimum 60" Above Grade

3. R-63 and R-50 Insulation at Walls and Roofs respectively

4. 11' Roof Overhangs = Huge Roof Areas for Solar and Water Harvests, and Unobstructed for Large Open Decks

5. Steel Structure: Moisture-proof, Bug-proof, Mold-proof

6. Ventilated Crawlspace: No Pooling Floods, Standing Water, or Rising Damp

7. Open Concept delivers Complete Layout Freedom

8. Exceeds all Houston and Harris County Regulations