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Posted 11-25-03:

Total Deck Area = 1103 s.f.

(no calculation of structure, stringers, or nosings)

Posted 12-08-03:
Posted 12-08-03:
Above and Right: "Cafe au Lait" pavers to be chopped for planter and fountain masonry.
Posted 12-23-03:
Posted 01-12-04:
Above and Left: Note how the countertop is at one level, has no overhang at the sunroom end, but has lots of overhang at the western end; there's a slight curve to its edge (I'll bring the plans to our meeting on Friday) - CA
Posted 01-28-04:
Railing pictures (above) show scheme to replace original horizontal bar scheme. Kitchen pictures (below) show 3" enlargement (to make deeper) of cabinets @ cabinet niches.
Posted 02-05-04: