Exhibitions, Installations and Related Projects

Rice Design Alliance: 2003 Architecture Tour 1117 Banks included in RDA showcase, March 29, 2003. Go to: 1117 Banks.

1117 Banks Street, 1931 by J.T. Rather Jr., with alterations/additions by Cameron Armstrong Architects, 1993.

"... The French manorial style Streetman House exhibits the mannered composition and deft detailing so admired by eclectic architects of the 1920s and 30s. It is an ingeneous miniaturization of a 'country house' on a single town lot. Because the original interiors were altered when the house was used as a medical clinic, architect Cameron Armstrong installed new spaces that not only recapture but enhance the spatial intimacy of the lost originals..." -- Guide to the Tour.

Texas Association of Museums: Designing for Art and Museums General Meeting, March 29, 2003.

Ronnie Self and Cameron Armstrong discussed museum design and related questions in a dialogue moderated by Howard Taylor, Director of the San Angelo Museum of Art. A transcript, including lively exchanges with audience members, will be posted in the Ideas section soon.

Left: audience participation at TAM's Designing for Art and Museums session.

FOTOFEST 2002: Works+Partners (CAA and affiliates) designed the installation and opening event for FotoFest's 2002 International Month of Photography. "... to install the landscape of the city, as itself, in itself:" a momentary intervention using high intensity floodlights to pool awareness and interaction.

WORKING MODELS by CAA, shown as part of The Rice Design Alliance's Houston Works exhibit at Lawndale Art and Performance Center, Houston.

"Townhouse 2000," CAA's contribution to Project Houston, shown at DiverseWorks, 1990.