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CAA Update: April 2003

Projects, Designs, Activities

Rice Design Alliance Architecture Tour March 29, 2003.

CAA's renovation of 1117 Banks was featured in the RDA's Transitions architectural tour of March 29, 2003.

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Texas Association of Museums: Designing for Art and Museums March 29, 2003.

Designing for Art and Museums, a session of TAM's 2003 General Meeting, featured a conversation between Cameron Armstrong, the University of Houston's Ronnie Self, and museum professionals. A transcript will be posted soon in the Ideas section . Go To: Exhibitions, Installations, and Related Projects

Above: audience members at TAM's Designing for Art and Museums.

In Construction Now: 2322 Maroneal, Houston Framing in progress, Spring 2003.

Recently Completed: 4902 Chestnut, Bellaire Completed, Spring 2003. Go to: 4902 Chestnut.
Recently Completed: 2047 Swift, Houston Completed, 2001-2003.

In Design: Burcroft Additions, Industry Studio and Guest Buildings in design, Spring 2003.