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All work at CAA is channeled through this web site, where decisions are shaped by how clients and designers respond to the drawings, images, and fly-through models regularly posted to their projects' "progress pages." Easy to reach from links throughout the site, this information tracks work and decisions in real time (see Snapshots from the Field). The resulting transparency and efficiency clarifies and speeds up decisions of all kinds, from conception to project completion.

For a better idea of CAA's philosophy, please visit the Introduction and Key Ideas sections via the Main Page, or look at our writings. Also, please take a look at the VBE Index, where sample 3D models can be downloaded for vivid fly-throughs on your own screen. The links below lead to pages from past projects that were used in sharing information and making decisions:

(a) Siting the project

(b) Planning personal space

(c) Communicating with engineers

(d) Coordinating the structure

(e) Approving the design

(f) Organizing the schedule

(g) Coordinating the details

(h) Reviewing completion

(i) Deciding finishes